YIMBYism, which stands for “Yes In My Backyard,” is a movement that advocates for increased housing development and affordability in cities. The goals of YIMBYism can vary depending on the specific context and priorities of the movement, but they generally include:

  1. Affordable Housing: YIMBYs aim to address the shortage of affordable housing in many urban areas. They advocate for the construction of more housing units, including both market-rate and affordable housing, to meet the growing demand and help stabilize or reduce housing costs.
  2. Increased Housing Supply: YIMBYs recognize that limited housing supply contributes to rising prices and housing shortages. By supporting policies and initiatives that promote the construction of new homes, YIMBYs aim to increase the overall housing supply and alleviate the pressures on housing markets.
  3. Inclusion and Diversity: YIMBYism seeks to create inclusive and diverse communities by promoting housing opportunities for people of various income levels, backgrounds, and lifestyles. YIMBYs argue that diverse neighborhoods foster social cohesion, economic mobility, and a more vibrant urban environment.
  4. Environmental Sustainability: Some YIMBY proponents argue that building denser, more compact cities can help reduce urban sprawl and minimize the need for long commutes. By supporting housing development in urban areas, YIMBYs aim to promote sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation.
  5. Land Use Efficiency: YIMBYism often advocates for more efficient land use patterns. By encouraging mixed-use development, transit-oriented design, and infill projects, YIMBYs seek to optimize the use of urban land and create walkable, vibrant neighborhoods that reduce car dependency.
  6. Social Equity: YIMBYism often aligns with social justice principles, aiming to address housing inequality and promote fair housing opportunities for all. By advocating for increased housing options and opportunities in high-opportunity neighborhoods, YIMBYs seek to combat residential segregation and improve access to amenities and resources.

Overall, the primary goal of YIMBYism is to create more inclusive, affordable, and sustainable cities by encouraging increased housing supply and promoting policies that support equitable and diverse communities.

Saint Louis YIMBY News: https://www.stltoday.com/business/local/nimby-meets-yimby/article_83a81699-262e-523d-b9fa-c5d5eb79cc12.html

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