LRA & Land Banks

Here are a few cities known for having active land banks (as of 2021): In Saint Louis, the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA) is a prominent land bank program that operates […]

Street Trees & Value

The value of street trees can be assessed and measured in various ways, taking into account both environmental and economic factors. Here are some key aspects and data points related […]

STL Development News

Second lives of church buildings: Prominent drag queen restoring Little Bevo:¬† Mass timber in St. Louis:

STL Population Loss

St. Louis has experienced a decline in its population over the past few decades. Like many other older industrial cities in the United States, St. Louis faced challenges related to […]


In urban design, the ideal of granularity strives for a fine-grained and diverse mix of elements within a city or neighborhood. It emphasizes the presence of varied building types, land […]

Transit Oriented Design

Transit-oriented development (TOD) refers to the planning and design of communities that maximize access to public transportation, such as buses, trains, or light rail systems. Here are some best practices […]