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Communities benefit from investments in education, job opportunities, affordable housing, healthcare, public safety, and infrastructure. Access to these resources can improve the quality of life for residents and promote economic growth. Additionally, community engagement and collaboration are essential to identify and address specific needs and priorities within a community.

Here are examples of affordable new construction projects in Missouri:

  1. Manzanita Apartments in St. Louis: This affordable housing project was developed by Rise Community Development and features 50 one-bedroom apartments for seniors with incomes at or below 60% of the area median income.
  2. Prairie Commons in Joplin: This development by Missouri Southern State University Foundation provides affordable housing for students and families in Joplin. It includes 200 units of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.
  3. The Villas at Ridgeview Falls in O’Fallon: This development by McBride Homes offers townhouses and single-family homes starting at around $170,000. The homes are energy-efficient and designed for affordability.
  4. The Heights at Linden Square in Gladstone: This mixed-income development offers 240 apartments, including 60 affordable units. The apartments include amenities such as a fitness center, clubhouse, and outdoor swimming pool.

It’s important to note that affordable new construction projects can vary greatly in terms of their location, size, and eligibility requirements. It’s best to do some research and talk to local housing agencies to find the most up-to-date information on affordable new construction in Missouri.

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